Jobs: 3 Academic Librarians

6.30.16 – 3 Academic Librarians
University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji
Sarah P’s comments:I was just at the ALA Library Conference speaking with Librarian Sam  Crawford (read his Spotlight) about the scarcity of positions in that region and then, when I returned home and checked the job lines, I found 3 positions listed in Fiji! If you want to go to the South Pacific, British-based USP is considered the best place to work for. Typically USF has short deadlines however this time they you have a month to apply however if interested I would still get right on it.
Library Systems Manager – Laucala Campus: FLI179, deadline: July 8th, 2016. FYI: this position has been advertised several times in the past 1 1/2 years. Not sure if they are being picky or just not finding a qualified person.
Librarian – Emalus Campus – VAS006: deadline: July 22nd, 2016.
Senior Librarian – Emalus Campus – VAS005: deadline: July 22nd, 2016.
This position is a re-post (original was 8/4/15).

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