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My new blog…

Hello my fellow Traveling Librarians,

As you know, the majority of my professional life has been spent as an international librarian and I wish you all the success if that is your goal. For that reason, I wrote How to Become an International Librarian and also authored this Traveling Librarian blog for five years. However, last fall it became clear to me that it was time to move on…I’d shared all I had to share.

After a winter of resting and pondering, a new goal is emerging. Yes, I will always be a librarian but moving more to the front is ‘traveler’ and ‘sailor’ so I have launched my new blog ‘Water Traveler’ as a step on that path. How and where I will go from here, well that’s not a known destination yet…

Anyway, I am posting this news because I know that you also share this passion for traveling. Mine, as it turns out, revolves around traveling by or on water, and also reading about water travel, so that is the focus of my new blog. However, I just can’t resist being a librarian, so all the posts are tagged with a Dewey Decimal number!

Safe travels, Sarah P.

Water Traveler Blog Pic

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